Two last-minute things you can do to save your GPA this semester


In the hectic days of finals week, you may find yourself lost and panicked. Where did all the time go and how can you possibly do everything that is due by the end of the semester? I feel for you. I can see you there at the desk, pulling your hair, chugging down caffeinated drinks in attempts to finish your term paper, a presentation, and a couple of essays in one night, thinking, “Who can I get to do my book report for tomorrow?”  Raking through the tons of review materials online, you might even be tempted to try and find some agency to help you out of this mess. While we are still on it, let me tell you a couple of words about us.

We are an essay writing service WriteMyPapers.org and we are only pleased to help when you find yourself in a tight corner. On our official page, you can see all the positive feedback we have received from other students and read their numerous testimonials. If you cannot find any of those, chances are you have ended up on some wrong website. Be careful here. It’s not WriteMyPapers.net, not WriteMyPapers.com and definitely not RightMyPapers. Although, “right my paper” is something we can also do. If you have a paper that you need proofread and corrected – you can count on us to put it right. Outsourcing some of your work entirely to us is also possible. We shall see to it being right on time, free of plagiarism, and up to all of the requirements prompted in the guidelines.

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However, even if you are 100-percent sure, that WriteMyPapers.org is reliable, you might still be hesitant as to whether it is safe to submit something you didn’t write yourself. This is a legit question. And the answer is “it depends”. On our side, we can guarantee complete confidentiality, so there is no way your professor or college officials can track the work back to us. However, if your writing style is distinct, they can suspect a foul play when they see a different one. So it’s in your best interest to apply some effort and make the delivered essay your own. Add your own ideas, rewrite an odd paragraph, and paraphrase sentences that seem alien to your own style.

Yet what if you do not want to outsource your work? What if you think this is not right and falls into a category of academic fraud? Is there any other way to save your GPA? There is one final trick if you’ve tried it all. If you feel that you cannot drag your grade for the course anywhere above C, and you feel it can pull down your GPA, you can opt for a Fail/Pass for the class in question. This way the grade does not appear on your transcript and won’t affect your GPA. Instead, you will have a “P” (passed) even for D- (in some cases, for anything above F). You will still have elective credits for the class, but switching to Fail/Pass may affect qualifications for your degree. Therefore, before arranging for Fail/Pass, you must weigh all pro and contra and decide whether it is the right thing in your situation. You also may want to consult with your academic advisor. If everything fits, you must write an official appeal and agree on this with your Dean.

We hope you will end this semester with a smile and with enough energy to celebrate the winter holidays!